About us

Founded in 2017, MyLove became women’s must online ready-to-wear brand on very short notice. With locally produced quality products, affordable prices and a universal approach of fashion, the brand attracted intensive attention in both Turkey and foreign markets, establishing it as one of the leaders of its category on the market.

Setting the goals further every time since day one, MyLove used the years of experience in the sector to start producing and marketing its own designs in line with the needs of its loyal clientele. 

With a large range of products including items from jeans to assortments of dresses, outerwear to loungewear, pajamas to activewear, MyLove aims to be in each young woman’s wardrobe by proposing both trendy outfits and everyday essentials independently of the seasons.


Secure Shopping

mylovebutik.com uses an SSL certificate that ensures the security of the information transmitted with 256 bit encryption in data transmission. Your credit card information is only used during the ordering process and is not stored in the database, and seen by third parties.


Quality & Authenticity Guarantee

Every product sold is guaranteed by mylovebutik.com. The authenticity and quality of the products are tested twice. First a special unit of mylovebutik checks the products during the selecting progress, and then the operation staff controls the quality during packaging at the warehouse.

Customer Experience

Since providing the best customer experience is one of the utmost priorities of mylovebutik.com's service manners, the customer service team is always available for one-to-one communication through channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

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Çerez Kullanımı

My Love Butik, size en iyi hizmeti sunabilmek için çerez kullanmaktadır. Hizmetlerimizi kullanmaya devam etmeniz, çerez kullanımımızı kabul ettiğiniz anlamına gelecektir.